About Tonserio

Women come in many shapes, sizes and curves. But there’s one thing we all have in common. Every one of us deserves to feel absolutely beautiful, and comfortable in our own skin. Regardless of cup size.

Dawn Tonsor, Tonserio’s founder, is a woman who’s been a size B, C and D at different stages in her life, she understands all too well the need to feel both beautiful and comfortable. And she’s not alone. The average cup size in America has gone from a 34B to a 36C. Still, over 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, and suffering for it.

After her breast augmentation, Ms. Tonsor was looking forward to showing off her new contours in sexy, gorgeous, feminine lingerie. Only to discover that her new shape made most bras not just uncomfortable, but impossible to wear. Many women with augmented breasts believe – like she did – that they must learn to live with uncomfortable and often painful bras. Bras that pinch, ride up, poke, prod, dig into the skin, leave red welts, and provide inadequate support. She soon realized that she deserved better than this – as do all women.

And so began her quest for the perfect bra – one that made her look and feel her sexiest, while providing the support and comfort that was desperately needed. After a decade of searching, and wearing one painful bra after another, she stopped looking. And decided to design her own.

Using her extensive background in fashion clothing and design, combined with her own personal experience with breast augmentation, she began to create a totally unique bra, and Tonserio was born. We took our own innovative designs, researched and developed the finest custom materials from around the globe that truly appealed to us, and patented the results.

Seven years and several prototypes later, we are pleased to present Divinity by Tonserio, our unique line of brassieres designed especially for women with augmented breasts. We can honestly say these are the most comfortable, inviting and divine brassieres that women have ever worn. We are confident you will feel the same way.

To all women, of every shape and size: Come, join us. Free yourself from uncomfortable, confining bras. And live each day in Divinity.

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