Tonserio Size Chart & Product Details

Uniquely created and designed for women with augmented breasts, Divinity provides superior comfort and support without sacrificing sexiness. And without the discomfort of underwire bras. The moment Divinity touches your skin, you’ll feel the difference.

Revolutionary Cross-Strap System

Only Divinity offers our patent-pending revolutionary cross-strap system, designed for ultra-comfort and support. Specially developed microfiber elastic straps extend over your shoulders, cross at the middle of your back and wrap around your body to fasten mid-center under your breasts.

This unique strap system holds your body in an entirely new way, relieving your shoulders and back and comfortably centering the weight. By redistributing breast weight, Divinity brassieres dramatically improve your posture and enhance your silhouette. The comfortable straps and fasteners also makes these brassieres a snap to put on and take off, and adjust support levels to your preference.

Silky-Soft Microfiber

Made with high-tech microfiber material, Divinity bras are feather-light, heavenly soft, and silky-smooth to the touch. Strong and supple, the material stretches with you as you move, providing freedom and comfort that lasts all day.

Specially Designed Elastic

Designed exclusively for the Divinity line, the unique elastic uses a special blend of microfiber for a softer stretch, no-ride comfort, and maximum support.

Seamless Comfort

Divinity brassieres seamlessly adapt to your unique contours. Creating a sexy and smooth outline, accentuating and supporting your beautiful curves.

Lasting Quality

Meticulously sewn from the highest quality materials, Divinity brassieres are durable, easy to care for, and won’t lose their shape over time.

Mix and Match

Available in eight original designs, and in elegant beige, black, and white. Divinity brassieres and panties can be easily mixed and matched for all your lingerie occasions.